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Young boy suffers burns after playing with petrol and fire

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15 Jun 2013
A young boy has received burns after playing with petrol in his Bellfield home.

Fire crews were called to the incident on McNeil Street on Saturday June 15 at 8:41pm.

The incident involved two young boys, an 11 year old male and another young male who were pouring petrol from a fuel container into several smaller open containers in the kitchen area of the house.

One of the young boys was using a cigarette lighter and dropping burning pieces of paper and cardboard into open containers when a fire has erupted.

The mother immediately put the young male into the shower to ease the pain.

The boy has flash burns from his head, arms and lower torso and was transported by Ambulance Victoria to the Royal Children's Hospital for treatment.  The other young boy was not injured.

The incident caused minimal fire damage to the kitchen area and was deemed under control in 4 minutes.

Commander David Woods has warned parents to teach their children about the dangers of playing with fire.

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