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Workers evacuated after explosion at Thomastown factory

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15 Dec 2016
Several calls were received for an explosion followed by smoke issuing from a factory.

Firefighters were called to the manufacturing factory on Temple Drive at 1.21pm.

On arrival they requested extra appliances to be responded to the call.

The factory contained a high fuel load including solvents and chemicals. Quick work by MFB Firefighters knocked down the fire in the rear of the building, but the factory was extensively smoke logged. 

Crews are removing the smoke from the building enabling them to check for the extent of fire damage.

The 24 occupants of the factory evacuated safely.

The cause of the explosion and resulting fire is to investigated by the MFB Fire Investigation unit and Worksafe have been notified.

Ambulance Victoria is also on scene to monitor Firefighters as they exit the building and remove their Breathing Apparatus.

Pumpers: 4
Rescue Units: 1
Aerial units: 1
Other units: 2


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