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Worker sprayed with acid in Sunshine West

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19 Jan 2016
Crews responded to the incident at a factory in Law Court shortly after 8am

A worker was sprayed with acid when a 1000 litre tank of Acrylic Acid ruptured at a factory in Sunshine West this morning.  

The male employee was immediately placed in a shower to reduce the effect of the acid before being rushed to hospital with serious chemical burns. 

A second worker also received minor acid burns to his hands and was treated at the scene by Ambulance Victoria. 

MFB crews wearing chemical splash suits as well as fully encapsulated suits are using Soda Ash to neutralise the chemical. 

The residue will later be swept up into recovery drums. Crews have been on scene since shortly after 8am and will likely remain on scene for several more hours.

The cause of the tank rupture will be investigated by Worksafe.

Pumpers:  7
Other units:  4


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