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Woman escapes after driving into a lift well

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23 Sep 2013
A woman was lucky to escape uninjured after driving her car into a lift well

A driver has accidently driven through the doors of a car parking lift well leaving her car suspended in the air with the back wheels remaining on the footpath.

Fire crews were called to the Godfrey Street, Melbourne, car park at 2.06pm.

MFB firefighters with Heavy Rescue equipment and High Angle Rescue Team were dispatched to secure the car from falling into the well and assisting in removing the driver from the car.

The Heavy Rescue Unit was required to connect a winching wire to the vehicle before the person could be removed as it was dangling on a 45 degree angle.

Once the uninjured lady was removed from the car the vehicle was then able to be pulled to safety.

The scene is now in the hands of police as there is an opening where the doors were that is exposed to the public.

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