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Van fire in Clayton threatens nearby shops

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06 Aug 2018
Firefighters were called to Clayton this morning after a van caught fire and was threatening a nearby furniture shop on Clayton Road.

Approximately 13 firefighters in three appliances were called to the scene shortly before noon.

Initial crews from Oakleigh fire station arrived in less than seven minutes to find the van was fully alight and being intensified by both a petrol tank and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder which had just be refuelled.

Wearing breathing apparatus for safety, MFB firefighters aggressively attacked the blaze and worked to cool the LPG cylinder.

Crews continued their efforts cooling the gas cylinder for some time after the blaze had been extinguished, eventually managing to isolate the gas cylinder.

Fortunately the driver of the van escaped with only minor burns to his face, and was treated at the scene by Ambulance Victoria paramedics.

Victoria Police are currently at the scene assisting with traffic management. 

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