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Two cars and a garage destroyed in Ringwood East blaze

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09 Jan 2017
MFB and CFA have worked together to extinguish a fire in Ringwood East overnight.

Suspicious circumstances surround a fire that initially involved a car that was parked in the driveway of a Ringwood East home.  

Crews were called to the Walhalla Dve home just after 2am.

Flames from the car fire soon spread to engulf a garage attached to a two-storey residence.  MFB and CFA firefighters worked quickly together to prevent the blaze spreading to the interior of the house.  The sole male resident of the house managed to escape without injury. 

The car in the driveway and a second vehicle locked in the garage were destroyed as was the garage itself.

Amazingly, the house sustained little damage and will require only minor repairs.

The fire took almost an hour to bring under control and a further two hours to fully extinguish.  A large amount of bric-a-brac and clutter stored in the garage added to the fire load and hindered attempts by fire crews to gain access into the garage.

The damage bill has been estimated at up to $150,000.


Pumpers:4 (2 MFB & 2 CFA)

Rescue Units:1

Aerial units:1

Other units:2 (MFB and CFA Breathing Apparatus support vehicles)


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