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Two MFB firefighters receive Australian Fire Service Medals in Australia Day Honours

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26 Jan 2018
Two MFB firefighters have been awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal as part of the Australia Day Honours

Commander Darren Conlin and Leading Firefighter Glenn Marks have both been recognised for their distinguished service, professionalism, leadership and innovation.

The Australian Fire Service Medal recognises distinguished service by members of Australian fire services. It is awarded to paid and volunteer members.  It is awarded by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the responsible Commonwealth, state and territory ministers.

The full citations for Darren and Glenn are as follows: 

Mr Darren Joseph CONLIN - Commander

Mr Conlin joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in 1985 and currently works in the Emergency Management area as the Commander Counter Terrorism. He has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and contribution to the review, expansion, development, delivery and management of Counter Terrorism and Hostile Act protocols and intelligence sharing in both the MFB and the wider emergency service community.

He has provided exceptional intelligence networks and information across the fire and emergency response agencies through secondments and placement into Victoria Police.  He has led strategic high level exercises and robust presentations which have assisted in shaping arrangements that improve community and responder safety. Additionally he has been instrumental in continuous advocacy for multi-agency collaboration and the development of strategic partnerships and protocols across agencies that focus on improved capability and capacity for response to hostile events.

He has developed and implemented protocols and doctrine that have informed both the MFB and the wider emergency management sector including supporting many jurisdictions across Australia with the provision of materials and advice.

Mr Conlin's work across the portfolios of Operations, Training, Fire Safety and Emergency Management have demonstrated exceptional collaborative leadership that has resulted in high value and significant achievements for the community and responders.


Mr Glenn David MARKS – Leading Firefighter

Mr Marks has over 38 years as an operational firefighter with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and during his service has attended some of the state's most significant emergency events including fires at Butlers Transport, United Transport, Coode Island and the Hazelwood Mine. The knowledge gained by attending these significant and highly dangerous events has equipped him with a solid and varied experience base.  When required, he willingly accepts the responsibility of performing the role of a Station Officer.

Additionally, he has demonstrated pronounced initiative in the conception, development, and implementation of Firefighter Memorial Honour boards. He has invested a considerable amount of his own time over a five year period to establish recognition for those firefighters who have passed away.  His achievement has been beyond the expectation of a Leading Firefighter.

He has demonstrated a strong commitment and dedication to implement an idea that he initially conceived in 2012 following the passing of several colleagues due to terminal illness. Some of these firefighters had not yet reached their prime and were still actively serving their community.

His work has resulted in significant emotional impact with the MFB, its firefighters, families of deceased firefighters, retired firefighters and the community. The Firefighter Memorial Honour Boards have created a lasting sense of firefighter value that resonates with all firefighters, both past and present, while influencing future generations.

Mr Mark's legacy through the Firefighter Memorial Honour Boards will continue on providing comfort and a sense of belonging to firefighters and their families for generations.  As a Leading Firefighter he holds himself to the highest standards of professionalism, is a role model for new members, and is a positive influence at his station. 

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