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Three injured in Port Melbourne balcony blaze

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08 Apr 2017
Three people were injured after a BBQ gas cylinder sparked a fire at a Port Melbourne apartment this afternoon.

Bystanders saw flames licking the balcony of the Rouse St building and raised the alarm
about 4.30pm.
It appears the fire broke out due to a faulty or loose connection to the BBQ gas cylinder and quickly spread to a couch on the balcony.
Several glass windows were shattered due to the intense heat.
The fire could easily have spread to nearby apartments but a sprinkler system helped keep the fire in check and firefighters promptly extinguished it.
Two people were taken to The Alfred hospital with injuries while a third was treated at the scene by paramedics.
BBQ safety tips
• Only use your BBQ outdoors and maintain a distance of one metre from fences, sheds and walls.
• Ensure the hose is in good working order, connections are tight and not leaking.
• Check gas bottle test date is current. 
• Always supervise children around the BBQ.

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