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Teenage girl hospitalised after barbecue fire in Box Hill North

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06 Jan 2016
Firefighters were quick on the scene following a barbecue fire in a Box Hill North backyard this morning which left two people with burns.

Fire investigators believe the connection to a gas cyclinder was leaking, igniting a gas cloud which caused a flash fire at the Middleborough Road residence.

Four appliances and eight firefighters were deployed to the scene at 11.43am.

When firefighters arrived, they found a teenage girl at a neighbour's house running water over burns to her legs and the fire still burning on the gas cylinder next door.

They were able to quickly extinguish the flames by turning off the cylinder.

A man in his fifties was also injured during the incident and was taken to the Alfred Hospital, while the young girl was transported to the Royal Childrens' Hospital.

MFB fire investigators remain on scene.

Firefighters are urging the community to check the connections between their gas cyclinders and their BBQs.

Ensure the hoses are tight and use soapy water to check for any leaks prior to using the appliance.

For more handy barbecue saftey tips: CLICK HERE.

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