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Suspicious fire on level 24 of South Melbourne apartment complex

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16 Feb 2017
Quick work by firefighters in South Melbourne overnight.

Shortly after 8pm, MFB received numerous calls were received for thick black smoke issuing from an upper floor of the concrete 30 floor apartment building on Park Stret in South Melbourne.

MFB firefighters were on scene within four minutes of receiving the fire call and due to the nature of the information received additional firefighting appliances were despatched and already proceeding.

The fire was under control within 12 minutes and confirmed to be a mattress on the 24th floor.  The 24th and 25th floors were smoke filled and the 30 - 40 occupants of these floors were evacuated to the adjacent parkland.  Police, Building Security Officers and Paramedics were on scene to assist. There were no injuries reported.

The occupants of the 25th floor returned later in the evening, whilst the occupants of the 24th floor, 10 apartments, are being rehoused by the relevant authorities, due to some fire damage and loss of power.

The fire has been deemed of a suspicious nature and police informed. 




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