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Stray kitten rescued from Keilor Park dumpster

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09 Jan 2017
A stray kitten has been rescued from a dumpster in Keilor Park.

Firefighters received a call for help from the RSPCA at 11am after their officers were unable to free the cat.

MFB sent a crew from Keilor Station who requested back up assistance from the Sunshine Rescue Unit.

The kitten had to be sedated and covered in olive oil before firefighters could slowly pull the animal from the pipe at the bottom of the bin. The kitten was tired and dehydrated and has been taken to the vet for a check-up.

Firefighters have nicknamed the kitten Brian after the firey who kept the kitten calm during the rescue.

Above: Firefighter Brian Herbert (FS51B) keeps the kitten calm as firefighters attempt to free him from the dumpster.

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