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Spotswood Fire Station Update

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25 Oct 2012
Firefighters from Spotswood Fire Station have been temporarily relocated to the nearby Newport Fire Station during upgrade works

As part of upgrade works to Spotswood Fire Station old carpet was removed from the station floor, resulting in tiles coming loose.  These tiles are known to be asbestos-based.

As a precaution firefighters from Spotswood have been relocated to the Newport Fire Station in the interim.  Spotswood is a single-appliance station, and its pumper will be moved to Newport Station.

“There will be no impact on service delivery to the area,” said MFB Chief Officer Shane Wright.

“Every day our fire trucks attend incidents and while they are at these incidents, if another occurs a back up truck in the vicinity attends the new incident.”

Mr Wright went on to say that MFB was aware of the presence of the tiles, which pose no risk whatsoever if undisturbed.

“Even in these circumstances, the risk is minimal but our commitment to health and safety prompted this action,” he said.

“The safety of the community and MFB firefighters is our priority and we will aim to resolve the situation swiftly.”

MFB is working to have the station up and running as soon as possible. At this stage, we anticipate moving the truck and firefighters back into Spotswood station next week.


The close proximity of MFB resources in and around this area – Footscray, North Laverton, New Port, Sunshine and West Melbourne fire stations – provides an adequate fire response to the community.

The distance between Spotswood Fire Station and Newport Fire Station is 3.8km.
The distance between Spotswood Fire Station and Footscray Fire Station 4.3km

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