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Severe fire danger shaping up for Saturday.

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06 Dec 2012
Victoria’s fire services are urging Victorians to prepare for a day of severe fire danger on Saturday.

Temperatures in the mid 30’s are forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology for much of the state which, combined with below average rain over the past two months, is a recipe for fire activity.
CFA State Duty Officer Scott Purdy says much of Victoria is continuing to dry out and remains at risk for fires starting.
“Already in the past few weeks we have seen some significant fire activity around the state. Grasslands and forests, particularly north of the Divide, are very dry and present a fire hazard,” he said.
The possibility of a Total Fire Ban this Saturday (8 December) will be considered tomorrow with the most current information available from the Bureau of Meteorology. 
Fire Danger Ratings for the next four days can be viewed at
Mr Purdy said the fire services had significant resources, including aircraft, positioned around the state.
He urged residents, particularly those in high fire risk areas, to prepare their properties and themselves for the possibility of fire, not just tomorrow but for the upcoming fire season.
“It’s not too late to clear an area of 10 metres all the way around your house, slash grass short and cut back any overhanging branches,” Mr Purdy said 
“While preparing your property is a good place to start, it’s just as important to prepare yourself. Sit down and have talk to everyone you live with about what you’ll do if a fire starts, and what you’ll do if a high fire risk day is forecast.
“Remember that if you can see smoke, you’re leaving it too late. A fire that is kilometres away could be at your door in minutes.”
SEVERE FIRE DANGER RATIING -- What does it mean?
Expect hot, dry and possibly windy conditions.
If a fire starts and takes hold, it may be uncontrollable.
Well prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety.
You must be physically and mentally prepared to defend in these conditions.
What should I do?
Well prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety - check your bushfire survival plan. 
Even if you are prepared, leaving bushfire prone areas early in the day is your safest option. 
Avoid forested areas, thick bush or long, dry grass. 
Be aware of local conditions and seek information by listening to your emergency broadcasters, go to or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667. 
More bushfire safety tips can be found at:
Remember: Staying to defend a well prepared property is very difficult and can be extremely risky. There is no guarantee that a fire truck or fire fighters will be able to assist you. Your life may be at risk or you may be seriously injured defending your property.
Victorians should monitor the weather and conditions with updated bushfire information available from the CFA website at, the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667, radio and other media outlets.

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