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Serious obstruction caused to firefighters on active call

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09 Apr 2016
Delay caused to emergency response

At 8.29pm yesterday evening, MFB responded to a fire call to an apartment building on A'Beckett Street, Melbourne.

When approaching the Victoria Street, Richmond, intersection, the responding fire appliance was blocked by a male who stood in front of the truck, forcibly tore off a wiper blade, and then continued to bang on the windscreen repeatedly.

The fire truck eventually managed to manoeuvre around the person and continue to the fire call. The attendance of this truck got subsequently downgraded, and returning to the Fire Station firefighters observed the same person lying on the bonnet of a vehicle in Victoria Street.

The fire appliance pulled over to check on the man's condition, and immediately he started attacking the truck once again, eventually climbing onto the roof.

Firefighters took refuge in the truck while they waited for the police to arrive. Arriving on scene, police were advised of the situation and then attempts were made to remove the person from the truck roof by the use of a ladder from the MFB appliance.

Eventually after some persuasion the person attempted to get onto the ladder and off the roof, but he missed the ladder and fell head first onto the concrete, knocking himself unconscious. 

MFB firefighters immediately provided emergency medical assistance and responded Ambulance Victoria. Paramedics arrived on scene just after 9pm and the man had to be restrained by police when he came round, for his and other people's safety.

When he was considered safe to move, he was transported to hospital in a serious condition.

MFB finds it unacceptable that its firefighters on an active call were hindered and harassed in such a manner, and which caused a delay to an emergency response. This follows a recent incident where Ambulance Victoria paramedics were assaulted, and this behaviour is of serious concern to MFB and all emergency service responders. 

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