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Ruffled feathers for cockatiels rescued from behind pantry

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05 Oct 2016
Fireys have responded to a desperate call for help after two birds got stuck behind a pantry this afternoon.

The pet’s owner had let the two cockatiels out of their cage to stretch their wings when they took off fell behind the pantry, becoming trapped in a three-inch gap between the wall.

He made several calls to animal welfare agencies before calling the MFB out of desperation.

Always happy to help when we can, just before 4pm MFB sent along a crew from Ringwood Fire Station to investigate the situation.

The tried to get the birds out with a broom but when that wouldn’t work they cut into the pantry wall and scooped them out.

Station Officer Bryan Morrison said the birds, a male and female, were rescued unharmed – except for a few ruffled feathers.

“It’s what we do. We’ll help anyone, anywhere,” he said.

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