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Risk of fire/explosion from the incorrect use of “Bug Bombs”

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21 Dec 2012
The MFB and CFA would like to draw your attention to the risks of fire and or explosion associated with the use of “Bug Bombs” also known as Insect Foggers, Control Bombs, Flea Bombs, etc.

“Bug Bombs” are commonly used to help eliminate insects from restaurants, houses and other buildings. 
To minimise the chance of fire or explosion ensure that you follow all the instructions supplied by the manufacture.  These include only using the recommended number of containers for the size of the room (ensure that the room meets the minimum sized room for the canister) and eliminating all ignition sources prior to and during the use of “Bug Bombs.”

To eliminate ignition sources switch off the electricity at the mains and turn off gas fuelled pilot lights, such as pilot lights for stoves and hot water systems, ensure that these are turned off prior to and during the operation of “Bug Bombs.” You also need to ensure that there is no smoking in the vicinity of the room in which the “Bug Bomb” is to be used.  

If you cannot switch the electricity off at the mains, then switch off all power points, lights and electrical devices in the building at the wall switch.  This includes fridges and other electrical devices that turn themselves on and off during normal operation.

If you live in a multiple unit building, inform your neighbours that you will be using “Bug Bombs” in your unit.  These buildings some time share common ventilation systems, or have cracks and crevices between units. Make sure you let your neighbours know when you are using any “Bug Bombs,” and ask them to turn off any ignition sources, if the units share common ventilation.

After use and prior to turning the electricity and pilot lights back on, ensure that the room has been fully ventilated by opening the windows and doors.

As with all chemical products it is important to read the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product, this is available from the manufacture.

Further information contact the:
MFB Community Resilience Department on (03) 9665 4464, email

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