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Ringwood Recycling fire update

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01 Dec 2012
Smoke billowed from the fire affecting many houses in the Ringwood and surrounding area.

Most of the metal has come from old car parts with the pile reaching the height of a three storey building.  
The fire was fed by large quantities of oil and grease coating the metal and burnt for most of the day.  
The MFB is attempted to extinguish the blaze through the use of high pressure monitors and water towers but was hampered by the lack of adequate water supplies.  
Water was sourced from hydrants located in Heatherdale Road and police to stopped traffic in the street to prevent vehicles damaging hose lines positioned across the roadway.  
Community warnings were posted on the MFB website to alert local residents to the health issues posed by the smoke plume and the actions they could take to minimise their exposure.  Atmospheric monitoring continued at the site and the community warnings were updated accordingly.   
The fire was deemed contained and under control at 11:37 – more than 4 and a half hours after it was first reported and still continued burning for many more hours.
Approximately 50 firefighters attended including CFA

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