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Richmond restaurant fire started in kitchen

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21 Apr 2015
A build up of cooking oils and fats caused a fire that tore through a Victoria Street restaurant this morning.

Firefighters were called to Minh Xuong Chinese Restaurant just before 11am after reports of flames and smoke sited.

Patrons safely self-evacuated the restaurant this morning after being alerted to a fire within the two storey building.

Flames were issuing through the roof when first MFB firefighters arrived on scene.

Access was initially difficult but the fire was successfully contained to the kitchen flue and surrounding timbers. The property also sustained some smoke and water damage.

The fire took 30 minutes to bring under control, however MFB firefighters remained on scene throughout the morning to perform fire duties.

A build-up of cooking oils and fats in the flue was the cause of the fire.

This serves as a reminder of the importance of regular cleaning and maintaining of commercial flues.




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