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Residents evacuated from Williamstown boarding house after fire

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08 Feb 2015
A fire forced the evacuation of residents from a Williamstown boarding house.

MFB received an automatic alarm call at 10.45pm on Saturday evening for a fire in a room of a Boarding House.

When crews arrived they found the Sprinkler system operating, smoke in the building and the occupants evacuating.

The fire was contained to the room where it started and there is no structural damage. Water from the sprinkler entered the electrical system and there are concerns about the integrity of the wiring.

Residents of the property were relocated due to the water damage to the electrical wiring.

No estimate has been made of the value of the damage at this stage

The fire was declared Under Control after 15 minutes; MFB crews were also involved in removing excess water from the property.

Ambulance Victoria were on scene checking the residents for any injuries and Victoria Police assisted in the relocation of the residents.

UPDATE: The cause of the fire was a discarded cigarette.



Pumpers:  3
Rescue Units:  1
Other units:  2


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