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Pawsitive outcome for cat in a tight squeeze in North Melbourne

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17 Mar 2020
Friday the 13th proved lucky for a curious cat who became stuck between two brick walls in North Melbourne.

MFB crews responded to a unit on Chapman Street after neighbours heard domestic short hair named ‘Puss’ crying out for help around 5am.

They found her stuck in a fur-middable four centimetre gap between a house and a neighbouring property. 

Her owners believed she was chasing rats overnight and ran down the side of the unit before getting stuck.

With the structural integrity of the neighbouring wall unknown, Urban Search and Rescue firefighters used specialised equipment to cut away part of the unit’s wall in a delicate operation to free the cold and frightened feline.  

Vets from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital attended to keep Puss calm while firefighters brought part of the wall down. She was then taken to hospital and has made a full recovery and is reportedly feline good.

MFB Commander Paul Eckholdt said while the complex rescue could have been a cat-astrophe, it went purr-fectly.

“It’s not every day that we get called to a cat rescue, but this particular call just goes to show our crews are well-equipped to handle whatever situation comes their way,” Commander Eckholdt said.

“We know how important pets are in people’s lives, and where we can we’ll do whatever it takes to help reunite them safely with their owners.

“It’s great to see Puss back home and making a speedy recovery after her overnight adventure.”

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