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Overheating laptop sparks blaze leaving family with nothing

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21 Mar 2016
A young family has lost everything after a house fire caused by on overheated laptop.

MFB firefighters were called to the home on Kelly Street in Doncaster at 11.39am on Sunday 20 March.

On arrival they found a single storey brick home issuing lots of thick black smoke. A community warning was issued for neighbours in the area.

No residents were home at the time and more than 20 firefighters battled to contain the blaze. Unfortunately the entire property was destroyed.

MFB Fire Investigators attended the scene and discovered the cause of the blaze was a laptop on continuous charge that had been plugged into a television for use as an external hard drive.

The lithium battery in the laptop over heated, which sparked the blaze.

This is a timely reminder to anyone who uses a laptop, tablet or other device that requires charging to remove the unit from the power source once the item is fully charged or if you are not there to supervise.

The young couple living in the home, with their 10 month old baby and elderly parents, were renting and did not have insurance.

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