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Newest MFB Firefighters on the Job

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07 Jul 2011
The fresh face of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade – its latest recruits –start at their new stations this week following their successful graduation on Friday (1 July) at MFB’s Burnley training complex.

Recruit Course 102 graduated in traditional spectacular style with the 30 students showing off their new skills in front of family, friends and dignitaries. The new graduates have been placed at stations throughout Melbourne where they will immediately commence their duties and continue to learn the profession on the job.

“These days, people join the MFB to do more than put out fires. Their training prepares them to give medical assistance; they learn search and rescue skills including abseiling and rope rescues; heavy rescues from car crashes; they get involved in teaching fire prevention and they’ll  work with other agencies like CFA and SES during statewide emergencies,” said MFB CEO Nick Easy.

“This demonstrates that MFB is part of a broader emergency services sector where the safety of the community is paramount. On Friday we saw the people who are future of the organisation displaying these newly learned skills. More than ever Melbourne needs its emergency services and these new graduates showed they have what it takes to be there when they are needed.”

Mr Easy said it was particularly pleasing to see so many family and friends of the graduates at the ceremony, especially as firefighting is an occupation that requires their ongoing support.

As part of MFB’s career development program Station Officer’s Course 47 also graduated in the afternoon at a ceremony at Melbourne Zoo, with 25 MFB firefighters promoted to the rank of Station Officer. In a step toward greater interoperability, the 25 MFB firefighters were joined by a CFA Leading Firefighter in undertaking the promotional training course.

The graduation ceremony recognised three months of intensive training including specific command and control exercises and leadership. Mr Easy said that providing career development opportunities was one reason a career at MFB is often a career for life rather than just another job.

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