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West Footscray fire update

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01 Sep 2018
After three days gathering evidence at the site MFB specialist fire investigators have made the determination today to refer the investigation to Victoria Police.

This is based on evidence which indicates that the cause of the fire may be suspicious.

MFB’s Fire Investigation Team will continue to work with Victoria Police to assist them in their investigation.

All enquiries about the cause of the fire should be directed to Victoria Police.

The fire broke out about 5am on Thursday, prompting a significant multi-agency response.

At its height, more than 140 firefighters were engaged in fighting the fire, which took 17 hours to get under control.

Firefighters have made great progress on the fire overnight and MFB presence at the scene has been scaled back further today.

The fire is still smouldering and firefighters continue to tackle hot spots assisted by the use of thermal imaging technology.

Smoke from the fire has significantly dissipated thanks to the efforts of firefighters and the community is advised to go about their daily business but limit their exposure to any smoke which may be evident in the area.

Bunding has been put in place to capture fire water run-off, which is being removed from the site.

This process is being overseen by Melbourne Water and the EPA and is expected to reduce the impacts of the fire on the local environment.

Somerville and Paramount roads remain closed however MFB is working with police and the local council on a plan to open Somerville road up later today.

MFB expects to remain on scene for several days but is working to hand the site back to the local authority as soon as possible.

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