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Mattress fire destroys Maidstone home

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23 Jun 2015
A Maidstone home has burnt down after a mattress too close to a heater ignited.

Firefighters were called to the Bernard Street home at 8.04pm.

On arrival firefighters found the single storey weatherboard house well alight.  The despatch of appliances had already been upgraded due to the number of calls and description from callers.

Quick action from the crews on scene confined the fire to the front of the house.

There was initially some concern as the occupier could not be located and also access to the rear was compromised due to rubbish.

Two dogs were rescued by firefighters from the rear yard.  The owner was soon located and took control of the dogs.

The fire took 25 minutes to bring under control and firefighters remained on scene for several hours to fully extinguish the fire.

The cause of the fire has been determined as a mattress and bedding being too close to a heater.


Pumpers: 4
Aerial: 1
Rescue: 1
Others: 1


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