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Man rescued from tiny ledge on Flinders St bridge

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11 Mar 2013
A precarious rescue was conducted last night after a man fell from the Batman Avenue bridge.

Crews were called to the scene on Flinders Street at 9.45pm.

They discovered a 25-year-old man had fallen from the bridge, landing on a small ledge two-metres below, and breaking his fall to the railway tracks and power lines below.

MFB High Angle Rescue equipment and trained personnel quickly responded to the incident.

Trains were stopped and overhead power lines were de-energised. Once all safety issues confirmed, members of the MFB HART (High Angle Rescue Team) anchored themselves to firefighting appliances and repelled themselves over the side of the bridge and secured the disoriented male from falling further.

He was then placed into a stretcher and MFB HART personnel lifted him to street level into the care of waiting Ambulance Victoria paramedics.  This process took approx. 50 minutes.

Acting Commander Yeoman has praised the work of all involved in the success of this rescue, particularly as the male was only 30cm from falling off the side of the ledge.

"These types of rescues are generally labour intensive, time consuming with numerous procedural protocols required for the safety of all involved," he said.

Eight appliances and about 30 firefighters attended the incident.

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