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MFB warns of ongoing home fire risk

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02 Nov 2012
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has warned that while Victoria is heading into the bushfire season, the threat of fires inside the home remains year-round, following the harrowing experience for a woman in the western suburbs overnight who was engulfed in f

In the incident on Thursday evening a woman in her 20’s sustained burns to over 30 per cent of her body following an accident when cleaning her kitchen.  

Whilst wiping the cupboards with methylated spirits, the cleaning cloth came into contact with the operating gas cooker and ignited, resulting in horrific burns.

In the Glen Waverley incident today a woman was injured as she discovered a fire burning through the rear of the house.  She had been working on a computer at the front of the house and received partial burns to her arms after opening the door to investigate the noise and smoke coming from the rest of the house.

Six fire trucks and 20 firefighters took almost an hour to bring the blaze under control and prevent it from spreading to adjoining properties.

MFB’s Commander Frank Stockton warned that all flammables need to be stored and used well away from ignition sources, such as gas and electric stoves, ovens and pilot lights.

“Ensure that you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and know how to use them,” he said.

Commander Stockton said with the focus turning to the threat of bushfires and grass fires it was vital that people remained mindful of fire dangers from within the home.

“Each summer MFB and CFA respond to more than 730 home fires – with many of these posing a real risk of injury and death,” he said.

Commander Stockton said there were a number of really simple actions people could take to prevent fires in the home.

“A great place to start is to check your home’s fire safety by visiting,” he said.

Householders can minimise the risk of home fires year-round by following this simple advice:
• Prepare a home fire escape plan and practise it.
• Make sure you have a working smoke alarm.
• Never leave cooking unattended.
• Supervise children in the kitchen.
• Never overload power boards.
• Never smoke in bed.
• Always extinguish cigarettes, candles, incense and oil burners before leaving home or going to sleep.

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The Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC) recommends monthly testing of smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

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