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MFB fireys rescue cheeky Jack Russell stuck in peppercorn tree

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17 May 2017
A mop handle was used to poke the pup free from the tree trunk.

MFB got the call just before 3pm for a dog stuck in a tree.

On arrival crews from Richmond Fire Station found a Jack Russell called Rose stuck in the trunk of a large peppercorn tree at the Coppin Street dog park “Barkly Park”.

The dog’s owner said the dog was unable to free itself from the tree

Firefighters suggested a little squirt with the hose may scare her out, but the owner said the dog loved water and would probably just enjoy it.

In the end, the crews located the dog and assisted her to escape from the tree with the helpful nudge of a mop handle.

The dog was unharmed at the owner was grateful for MFB’s assistance.

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