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MFB firefighters receive Bravery Awards

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15 Nov 2016
Three MFB firefighters have received bravery medals from the Victorian Governor two years on from a horrific explosion that could have killed them.

Three MFB firefighters have received bravery medals from the Victorian Governor two years after a horrific explosion that endangered the lives of police and firefighters.

On 4 January 2014, Port Melbourne firefighters Station Officer Wayne Sheridan, Leading Firefighter Andrew Wood and Qualified Firefighter Andrew McMahon responded to a request for help from Victoria Police.

The police had responded to a suicidal male who had locked himself in his Middle Park apartment and requested MFB help them gain access to the property.

At the time it was unknown to the police or MFB that the person threatening suicide had sealed a door with gaffer tape and released gas from a nine-kilogram gas bottle into the sealed room that he was in.

In order to gain entry to the room Sergeant Anthony Scully forced the door, which released the gas into the remainder of the unit.  The danger was recognised by Leading Firefighter Wood and an urgent evacuation was ordered.  Unfortunately however the gas cylinder exploded which caused injuries to First Class Constables Emma Quick and Varli Blake, Sgt Scully, Leading Firefighter Wood and Station Officer Sheridan.

Immediately after the explosion First Constable Quick was trapped on the balcony of the units and was screaming for assistance due to severe burns.  Leading Firefighter Wood climbed a ladder and assisted her to the car park below, where the crew rendered first aid and oxygen.

The brave and heroic actions of those involved in the incident were recognised at this morning’s Royal Humane Society of Australia annual bravery awards presentation at Government House.

The three MFB firefighters and three Victoria Police members were among 18 Victorians recognised by the Honourable Linda Dessau AM, Governor of Victoria.

The details of the awards presented are below:

  • Emma Quick: Silver Medal
  • Varli Blake: Silver Medal
  • Anthony Scully: Silver Medal
  • Andrew Wood: Silver Medal
  • Wayne Sheridan: Bronze Medal
  • Andrew Mcmahon: Certificate Of Merit

From left: LFF Andrew Wood, QFF Andrew McMahon, SO Wayne Sheridan, MFB A/Chief Officer Paul Stacchino, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, the Honourable Linda Dessau AM, Governor of Victoria, Tony Howard, Constable Emma Quick, Constable Varli Blake, Sergeant Anthony Scully.

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