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MFB fire fighting crews deployed to Sydney

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23 Oct 2013
MFB firefighters have arrived to assist Fire and Rescue NSW urban stations in Sydney.

Yesterday Victoria deployed more firefighters from MFB, CFA, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and Parks Victoria following a request from New South Wales for additional support in preparation for increased fire danger in NSW.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said urban firefighters from MFB will provide coverage to the greater Sydney area by operating from New South Wales Fire Rescue fire stations while local crews assist with firefighting in the Blue Mountains.

The deployment includes 10 MFB pumpers and 40 firefighters.

"On Monday the NSW Rural Fire Service made an official request for additional resources from Victoria to support the NSW bushfire effort. The request was for five strike teams, each containing five pumpers," Chief Officer Shane Wright said.

"Upon receipt of this request I authorised the release of two strike teams, 10 crewed pumpers of 40 staff, from the MFB plus workshops mechanics and command staff.

"Our staff will be supporting urban fire service crews and providing fire fighting services within metropolitan NSW that would normally be attended by Fire and Rescue NSW."

Mr Lapsley said CFA firefighters would continue to provide strike teams to assist local crew fighting fires in the Blue Mountains.

"A further 25 tankers crewed by around 180 CFA firefighters have been deployed and will supplement the 20 CFA tankers and 150 firefighters already on the ground," he said.

"The Department of Environment and Primary Industries, along with Parks Victoria will be providing 20 specialist remote area bush firefighters to assist with firefighting operations in dense bushland."

Mr Lapsley said multi-agency incident management teams consisting of personnel from CFA, MFB, DEPI and Parks Victoria have also been deployed to work alongside NSW Rural Fire Service incident management teams.

"Our colleagues in NSW are facing some very challenging conditions and these conditions will continue to test local resources for many days yet,” he said.

"Victoria will continue to send crews to assist our NSW counterparts during this very busy and difficult time.

"I’d like to thank the 120 staff and personnel from Victoria’s fire agencies who return home today having worked on the ground in NSW since Saturday. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Victoria currently has provided more than 55 fire trucks and over 400 firefighters to assist NSW.


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