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MFB fight fires in the Pacific

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28 May 2010
A further two Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) trucks will be donated to the tsunami ravaged Pacific island of Samoa.

The MFB MkIII Scania Pumper Tankers, spare parts, tyres and mechanical expertise will be shipped to the Samoan Fire and Emergency Services Authority by the Royal Australian Navy in June. The pumper tankers, numbers 366 and 368, are each capable of carrying 3800 litres of water and can fight urban or rural fires. They saw active service stationed at MFB’s Altona and Epping fire stations.

After a complete overhaul and refit, the trucks were farewelled at a special ceremony at the MFB’s Eastern Hill headquarters on Friday (28 May) by Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services Danielle Green and MFB Chief Executive Officer and Chief Officer Graham Fountain as well as representatives of Melbourne’s Samoan community.

“The firefighting community is a worldwide fraternity, but we have had an especially close relationship over twenty years with our Samoan colleagues,” said MFB Chief Graham Fountain.

“These are not the first appliances we have donated; unfortunately one fell victim to the hazards of providing an emergency service; it crashed while attending an incident during last year’s tsunami. These two bring MFB’s provision of appliances (trucks) to four.

“A replacement for that pumper tanker, Car No. 367 shipped out in December last year is now in service.”

“On behalf of the firefighters and staff of the MFB I’d like to extend our best wishes to the firefighters and staff of the Samoan Fire and Emergency Services Authority. These trucks have given great service to Melbourne as they will to Samoa.”

Next week the trucks will be transported to Sydney with the generous support of Simon National Carriers. The trucks will then be loaded aboard the HMAS Kanimbla before setting sail to arrive in Samoa in late June. This joint effort by MFB and a series of partners involved in the logistics of this initiative is testimony of the commitment to support our Pacific neighbours.

The MFB would like to acknowledge and recognise the following for their assistance in this project: AFAC, PIFSA, Australian Defence Force, Victorian State Government, CFA, the office of the Federal Attorney General, OESC, Dept of Foreign Affairs, AusAid, Simon National Carriers and Adhereits.

For further information contact: MFB Communications & Media, Tel. 03 9665 4699 or



Standardisation of the Samoa fire fighting fleet

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Melbourne) and the Samoan Fire and Emergency Service Authority (SFESA) have enjoyed a partnership arrangement for the past twenty years. After the events of the 2009 Tsunami that impacted Samoa, the MFB reacted quickly to a call for assistance to replace a fire-fighting vehicle that was severely damaged when it crashed responding to a call.

With the assistance of the Royal Australian Navy, a Mark III Scania pumper tanker was transported to Samoa and this vehicle is now in service at Faleata fire station. (see pic) An MFB officer was sent over to conduct a train the trainer program and driver / pump operation training.

Celebrating the depature of the fire trucks bound for Samoa - Graham Fountain, CEO and Chief Officer MFB Pastor Paselio, Lemalu Samoan Community St Peters Church Oakleigh Lemalu Tevaseu, Chairman Victorian Samoan Community Advisory Council Mrs Tevaseu Danielle Green, Parliamentary Secretary Police and Emergency Serv

Left to right: Graham Fountain, CEO and Chief Officer MFB Pastor Paselio, Lemalu Samoan Community St Peters Church Oakleigh Lemalu Tevaseu, Chairman Victorian Samoan Community Advisory Council Mrs Tevaseu Danielle Green, Parliamentary Secretary Police and Emergency Services Commander Max Speedy, Royal Australian Navy


The donation of this firefighting vehicle formed a critical element of a strategic assistance program that was developed last year. The assistance program has been enhanced by the donation of a further two Mark III Scania pumper tankers and once again the Royal Australian Navy has offered their services to transport the vehicles. These vehicles will arrive in Samoa in June.

These two firefighting trucks will compliment the existing appliance and standardise the fleet. The vehicles have an advantage of carrying 3800 litres of water, and are designed to operate in an urban and rural environment.



Height: 3.10 metres

Width: 2.49 metres

Length: 8.45 metres

Weight: 16.63 tonnes (Gross Vehicle Mass 22.50 tonnes)

Turning Circle: Kerb to Kerb 16.86 metres

Engine: Scania DS11, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel engine, rated at 230 kW, governed at 2600 rpm, idle speed of 450 rpm

Transmission Allison MTB 600 series, 5 speed automatic transmission

Braking System: Full air with hydraulic transmission retarder

Main Pump: Darley mid-mounted parallel-series centrifugal pump with a third stage high pressure pump. Pump capacity of 3800 L/min at 1000 kPa

Primer: Two (2) positive displacement vane type pumps

Foam System: Automatic foam proportioning system with a capacity flow of up to 1350 L/min pre-mix solution

Water Tank Capacity: 3800 litres

Foam Tanks Capacity: 320 litres

Monitor Main Pump Water: 3800

L/min Foam: 450

L/min Auxiliary Pump Water: 300 L/min


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