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MFB debuts world-class fire fighting vessel - Fireboat 2

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25 May 2015
MFB has today unveiled the newest member of its marine fleet – Fireboat 2 – a world-class, firefighting vessel that will protect Melbourne’s waterways and marinas.

Measuring 12 metres long, the water-jet powered craft, christened Prometheus, was purpose-built in Canada and can travel at speeds in excess of 32 knots.

At a cost of $1.4 million, CEO Jim Higgins said the investment is an example of the increasingly diverse skills needed by the modern fire brigade and recognises the growing importance of marine infrastructure in the development of Melbourne.

“The increase in boating activity, rise in waterside living and recreational activities and escalation in port traffic and cargo coupled with the nature of hazardous goods carried are all factors contributing to the likelihood of fire or emergency incidents in the bay,” he said.

“It is therefore vital to equip the brigade with better, faster and more capable marine assets that will be paramount in ensuring public safety and protection of property and the marine environment.”

MFB’s increasingly diverse capabilities in the complex urban environment of Melbourne include emergency medical response, high angle rescue, urban search and rescue, hazardous materials and scientific officers and fire investigation.

MFB has trained more than 100 firefighters in shipboard fire fighting, and currently has 40 firefighters trained as coxswains.

Features of Fireboat 2 include: 

  • Modern radar and GPS based navigation system so it can respond to incidents under most environmental conditions
  • A full suite of radios to enable communications with marine vessels, MFB/CFA appliances, other Emergency Response Organisations, such as Victoria Police and the Regional Control Centre.
  • Four monitors that form part of its core fire fighting system to deliver water directly onto a fire or it can be used as a mobile pumping station to help supply endless water to other land based appliances
  • On board foam capabilities
  • Forward looking infrared camera system to locate hotspots and fires on board vessels without personnel having to transfer into dangerous situations
  • Capable of providing medical care and in an emergency tow a distressed vessel to a point of safety.   

Read more: Fireboat 2 Technical Specifications

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