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MFB crews contain a chemical leak in Altona

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24 Nov 2016
Crews responded to the chemical leak at the Mobil Altona Refinery around 3:00am this morning.

The chemical leak was identified as a mixture of Hydrogen and Naptha, a general term used for many flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures.

Extra appliances and specialist Hazmat crews were dispatched to assist on scene firefighters and the Mobil Response Team to isolate the leak. An MFB Scientific Officer also provided advice.

Almost 30 firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus worked to ensure all ignition sources were removed, and used monitors to disperse the leaked chemical with water sprays. Atmospheric monitoring was also conducted to ensure the site was safe.

Crews remained on scene for some time as the Mobil team worked to seal the leak.

The leak was declared under control at 5.25am.


Pumpers:  5
Hazmat unit:  1
BA units:  1
Other units:  3


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