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MFB and CFA fireys to switch places

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26 Jun 2015
Twelve firefighters from MFB and CFA will switch places for a year as part of a program designed to expand their skills and knowledge.

City firefighters will be sent as far as Mildura and Warrnambool working alongside CFA volunteers and career staff, while CFA firefighters will gain experience with MFB’s procedures and equipment.

The secondment program is a part of a wider program that will see the recruitment of additional firefighters and the introduction of Emergency Medical Response to integrated CFA fire stations.

MFB CEO Jim Higgins said the program would deliver valuable insights for both agencies and would better equip Victorian firefighters to work together seamlessly during emergencies.

“Secondments provide an opportunity for our staff to collectively build upon their experiences, skills and learnings,” he said.

“These programs allow members to develop a culture of knowledge sharing and cooperation between agencies, allowing us to provide a resilient organisation for the community.”

CFA CEO Michael Wootten said two of the CFA firefighters involved this year also took part in the first secondment program in 2011.

“The secondment program is a chance for our members to develop a better understanding of MFB and their procedures,” he said.

“At the end of the 12 months, I look forward to CFA members returning to their stations and sharing the knowledge they have gained at MFB.”

The 12 participants have completed a three-week familiarisation course at Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre Craigieburn and will start at their new stations next week.

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