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MFB Warns Victorians to Never Re-enter a Burning Premises

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30 Dec 2008
The MFB are urging all Victorians to take the proper precautions to avoid becoming victims of fire.

The renewed call comes after a house fire in Brunswick caused by a faulty kitchen stove last night left a man homeless. There was no working smoke alarm in the house and the occupant attempted to re-enter the burning house to retrieve personal items.

MFB Chief Fire Officer Tony Murphy said people should never attempt to re-enter a burning building under any circumstances.

“An elderly man was killed in Mulgrave earlier this month after re-entering his blazing home to search for his belongings. It is not worth your life to re-enter a burning building.”

“In addition, the fact there were no working smoke alarms on the premises in both of these cases is especially disturbing. Every Victorian should ensure they have a working smoke alarm to increase their chances of survival in the event of a fire,” he said.

The MFB recommends the following to avoid becoming a victim of fire this summer:

  • ensure you have a working smoke alarm
  • never leave cooking unattended
  • keep a fire blanket and extinguisher in the kitchen
  • keep candles away from curtains or flammable material and never leave them burning unattended
  • have a fire escape plan in place
  • ensure all electrical appliances are in good working order

More information on fire safety can be found at

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact the Media and Communications Department on (03) 9665 4394 or

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The Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council (AFAC) recommends monthly testing of smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

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Only working Smoke Alarms save lives.

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