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MFB TEENS Program Continues To Promote Safer Driver Behaviour

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23 Aug 2011
MFB’s involvement in delivering road safety messages continues this week as the TEENS (Teaching, Enlightening, Encouraging and Nurturing Safe Drivers) program enters its tenth year.

TEENS dramatically exposes Year 10 students to the reality of car crashes and their potential devastating consequences. Young drivers, especially young males, are at a more risk of being involved in car crashes, due to their lack of driving experience and risk taking behaviour.  TEENS uses lectures and role playing exercises drawn from real life crashes attended by MFB firefighters.

MFB CEO Nick Easy said TEENS, being held this week at Caulfield Racecourse, had proved consistently popular with local schools and the community.

He said it added another layer to the overall road safety effort by demonstrating the harsh realities of a car crash to 15-year-old school students.

“All emergency service providers work to try to reduce the human cost of road crashes. MFB firefighters too regularly have to attend the scene of a crash and witness first hand the devastation that is caused both to the vehicle occupants and the vehicle itself,” said MFB CEO Nick Easy.

“TEENS illustrates that reality to children on the eve of them becoming drivers in an effort to instill better driving behaviour.  We know new and young drivers are in a higher risk road user group and MFB wants to contribute to improving driving attitudes and the understanding of the associated risks.”

TEENS educates students through a realistic role-play scenario, which addresses the harsh and often shocking realities of teenage-related fatalities and injuries in car crashes. 

Mr Easy said MFB was keen to talk to road safety agencies about TEENS and gain their future involvement.

“MFB partners with road safety agencies including TAC, Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and VicRoads on the Fit to Drive program and believes there could be potential to work with the road safety community to shape the TEENS program to contribute further to the overall safety effort.”


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