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MFB Mural Set to Film

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07 Jun 2010
Adorning the wall facing Albert Street at the MFB headquarters, Eastern Hill in East Melbourne there is a magnificent Harold Freedman mural telling the ancient story of Prometheus who bought fire to the earth.

MFB Mural Set to Film

MFB Mural Set to Film

The "Legend of Fire" mural became the centre piece of a short film marking Nuclear Abolition Day on Saturday 5 June.
The 'Who by Fire' film was made for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and its depiction of the mural, the story of Prometheus and Pandora and how it relates to nuclear way can be viewed on youTube.
"The story of Prometheus is an ancient classic," said Dimity Hawkins, Campaign Director of ICAN. "But Harold Freedman's mural is a marvellous retelling of the myth in a very modern context, and loans itself to the telling of the nuclear story."
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