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MFB Lodges Planning Application for New Malvern Fire Station

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20 Aug 2012
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) has lodged a planning application with Stonnington Council to redevelop a site at 1721 Malvern Road, Glen Iris as a new fire station.

MFB must vacate their current rented premises at 80 Waverley Road, Malvern East by 2015. The site has been occupied by a fire station for 12 years on a lease-hold but the owner has other plans for the site.

The land for the proposed new station, including an access lane to the rear at Praran Place, was purchased in 2011 for $9million after an exhaustive search to find a location that:

  • Provides suitable emergency response times to all areas of Stonington, Booroondara and Glen Eira municipalities
  • Meets MFB’s requirements under the MFB Act for service delivery
  • Meets MFB’s requirements under the MFB Fire Station Design Guide in terms of access and property size
  • Has suitable traffic flows
  • Returns value to the community
  • Has no loss of residential accommodation within the area  

“Following the receipt of all relevant approvals MFB will redevelop the existing Malvern Road office complex to create a modern and efficient fire station that will help us meet expectations to provide emergency services to the community,” said MFB CEO Nick Easy.

“There have been several meetings with local residents to understand their concerns about any intrusion during the redevelopment and the operation from the site once complete.  We believe we have addressed many of them and that the new fire station will come to be seen as a local asset that enhances the appeal of the area. That is usually the outcome when we move into a residential location.

“MFB has a deserved reputation as a good neighbour and we will be a good neighbour in Malvern Road.”

This is not the first time the MFB has purchased land in the area to build a fire station. Twenty years ago VCAT rejected the application but Mr Easy says the situation is now sufficiently changed for the project to go ahead.

“If you look objectively at what we are proposing, not just in terms of the building but the reality of how we will be operating from this location, you’ll see we have managed concerns about public intrusion in a very sophisticated and thoughtful way.”

Copies of the plans will be available through council.


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