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MFB Honours 27 Fallen Firefighters

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05 Dec 2011
A memorial honouring the lives of 27 Metropolitan Fire Brigade firefighters who died in the line of duty was unveiled on Sunday at the MFB’s Burnley training facility.

At the special ceremony marking the event, surviving families of the firefighters came together to remember their lost relatives and place a special tribute to mark the occasion.

“MFB has a proud 120 year history in Melbourne, and everything we have learned along the way makes us one of the safest fire and emergency services in the country. But that knowledge has come at a cost and the greatest example of that is the 27 firefighters who have died protecting the Melbourne community,” said MFB CEO Nick Easy.

“We pay tribute to those firefighters with the opening of a memorial that firefighters and members of the public will be able to visit and reflect that the safety we enjoy today comes because of the sacrifices made in the past.”

Mr Easy said the last death in the line of duty (Station Officer Thomas Evans) was in 1976 and while firefighters are now safer than ever, there could never be a time when it would be a risk free profession.

“We honour our fallen but today’s firefighters still take risks just doing the job. We can never entirely eliminate that risk but we do everything possible to reduce it so that we never see another name added to this memorial,” he said.

The names of the fallen MFB firefighters

• Deputy Chief Officer Archibald McDowall
• District Superintendent Christopher Gee
• Firefighter Harry Harrison
• Partially Paid Firefighter Frederick Rose
• Firefighter Friend Holness
• Firefighter Alfred Miller
• Firefighter William Plunkett
• Firefighter James Hossack
• Station Officer William McCurdy
• Third Officer Gordon Lindsey
• Firefighter Angelo Negri
• Third Officer Frederick Cooke
• Firefighter George Wright
• Paid Firefighter Jay Wilkins
• Firefighter Herbert Foster
• District Officer William Smith
• Sub Station Officer Fulton Hodgson
• Sub Station Officer Maurice Fitzmaurice
• District Officer John Anderson
• Station Officer Thomas Shields
• District Officer Herbert Green
• Sub Station Officer George Thompson 
• Sub Station Officer Gordon Bruce Adams
• Senior Firefighter Eric Jamieson
• Senior Firefighter Kevin Kennedy 
• Firefighter David Griffiths
•Station Officer Thomas Evans

The memorial designed by artists Tim and Deborah Edwards can be viewed at anytime by the public.

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