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MFB Headquarters and Fire Station update

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22 Oct 2013
Today MFB is allowing managed access to all staff affected by the closure of the Eastern Hill headquarters and fire station due to the discovery of asbestos-containing material in the roof space in part of the building.

Air quality monitoring below the south eastern executive offices, initiated immediately after the inspection, detected no asbestos fibre in the air however that area will not be accessed at all.

A risk assessment of the remainder of the building has deemed that protective gear is not required however P2 masks will be available for those who wish to wear one.

Following this, a further inspection across the facility, including the fire station will occur to determine the scope of any remediation works.

Crews and appliances at Eastern Hill Fire Station (FS 1) have been relocated and our overall resource capability and service delivery remain unaffected.

At this stage these arrangements will be in place for at least two weeks. This will be reassessed as new information is made available.

All stakeholders and staff have been very cooperative and supportive during this time.

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