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MFB Firefighters' Hi-Tech Uniform

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21 Jan 2011
MFB firefighters will battle fires in the most up to date protective clothing available with the roll out of the new helmet over the next two months.

MFB will be the first Australian fire service to use Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme helmet which reduces risk to firefighters through:

- A unique helmet shell which provides more external coverage and is high strength and impact resistant

- Enhanced weight distribution and comfort

- Compatible with breathing apparatus masks

- Two built-in visors– one for eye protection and a full face shield – providing protection for every operation;

- Best possible hearing and heat sensitivity in combination with excellent ear protection

- Integrated neck protection


“MFB always puts safety first especially the safety of firefighters who have to put themselves in positions of risk to protect the community,” said MFB  Acting CEO and Chief Office Shane Wright.

 “The Rosenbauer HEROS – xtreme is a superior product that will increase safety and we believe it is the most advanced design and construction of any firefighting helmet available. We have also colour coded the helmets to make it easier to identify rank at the scene of an incident. This will lead to improvements in incident management.”


Protected head to toe - the modern MFB firefighter

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