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MFB Eastern Hill offices to stay closed until at least Thursday.

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12 Dec 2011
There was no loss of performance as MFB managed emergency service calls in the Melbourne Metropolitan area over the weekend from alternative locations while a diesel leak clean up continued at its Eastern Hill headquarters.

The diesel, which leaked from a roof-top fuel container, has created more contamination damage than was at first thought, extending the clean up operation until Wednesday at least.
MFB CEO Nick Easy said  cleaning and air-monitoring would carry on throughout the building until all parties involved were confident there was no health issue for corporate or operational staff.
"We had our usual busy weekend in Melbourne but service delivery was still maintained even though  appliances and crews worked from alternative locations" said Mr Easy.
"Health and safety is the main concern here and we are able to achieve that while meeting service expectations. The contingency arrangements are working well and staff and stakeholders have been very supportive."
Mr Easy said business critical staff were working from alternative MFESB locations and he expected staff to be able to return to work at the  Eastern Hill offices on Thursday but would keep them updated.

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