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Lucky rescue for baby cockatoo from St Kilda palm tree

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22 Dec 2014
A lucky rescue for a cockatoo in St Kilda tonight.

MFB firefighters from Windsor Fire Station received a call at 6.26pm to a rescue on Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda.

A young woman had been feeding her 3-month-old pet cockatoo down at the beach when a gust of wind blew past, picking up the bird, before it landed on top of a palm tree.

The bird was incredibly tame and had its wings clipped so it couldn’t return safely to the ground.

The owners waited for several hours hoping the bird would come down on its own.  They called the RSPCA but they were unable to attend.

MFB responded with a fire truck and a ladder platform, which was extended 15 metres to the top of the tree.

Leading Firefighter Ben Schutt was able reach out and the bird crawled onto his arm – very grateful to be rescued!

The ladder platform slowly lowered LFF Schutt and the cockatoo (named Spirit) to the ground and its very happy owners!

The rescue took 20 minutes to execute.

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