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Lucky escape for pilot and trainee in Moorabbin Aiport crash

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18 Feb 2014
Two people escaped a plane crash in Moorabbin today.

The MFB was responded to a reported airplane crash at Moorabbin Airport this morning at about 11.15am.

On arrival it was identified that a single engine Cessna with two occupants – instructor and trainee – had crashed on take off.

The plane landed quite heavily on the runway after initially leaving the ground. It then veered  onto a grassed area.

Severe damage was caused due to the impact. This involved a collapsed wheel strut, both wings damaged by contact with the ground and significant damage to the prop and engine compartment. Fuel was leaking heavily from a burst line but there was no fire.

Firefighters employed a layer of foam over the area.

Police, AV and Moorabbin Airport personnel were also on scene. Engineers closed the fuel line and removed the battery. The plane  was handed back to Moorabbin Airport for removal from the scene.

There were no injuries arising from the crash.

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