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Lucky escape for elderly man.

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30 May 2011
Numerous calls were received for flames issuing from the roof of the two storey brick block of 10 units.

Date: May 28, 2011 
Time:12:25 hours     
Call Number: 9160

Address: Walnut Street, Carnegie.

An elderly gentleman managed to escape from his top floor unit with minor burns to his hand (whilst the remainder of the tenants self evacuated).

MFB Firefighters were on scene within minutes of receiving the fire call.  This enabled crews to confine the fire to the unit and stop the spread to adjoining units.  The fire had already penetrated the roof space and had taken hold.  The unit and all contents have been destroyed by fire.  The remainder of the units were filled with smoke and fire crews used smoke extraction machines to remove thick smoke from the remainder of the units so those occupants were able to return this afternoon.

The elderly gentleman was treated on scene by the ambulance and was collected by his son.

An MFB Specialist Fire Investigator has attended the scene and advised that the cause of the fire was combustibles, such as blankets and clothing, igniting after having been placed or fallen onto a portable electric heater.  There is no doubt that had this occurred during the night the outcome could have been tragic.  It is unknown whether smoke alarms were fitted.

This serves as a reminder to the community to be vigilant in ensuring that all clothes, linen and other combustibles are kept at least one metre from all heaters.


Attending Appliances: 6  

Number of firefighters: 24

Officer in charge: Acting Commander Bellinger

For more information please contact: MFB Media & Communications on 9665 4699 or

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