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Latest Hi-Tech Vehicle Launched

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12 Nov 2010
Metropolitan Fire Brigade has officially commissioned the latest hi-tech vehicle to combat major fires and emergency management events.

At 12.5 metres long and weighing 16,800 kilos, the $1.5 million Control Unit is the largest vehicle in the MFB fleet. 

The vehicle, which was built on a Scania coach platform, has expandable pods to create more space internally, external briefing capacity, back-to-base computer feeds, high definition CCTV mounted on a telescopic light with 4000W lighting, and has inter-agency connectivity to work with other emergency services including CFA if required.

It will be deployed to major incidents as a mobile command centre able to plot the course of the particular incident, assign, direct and chart  MFB crews, send community warnings and provide a communications hub to liaise with other ESO’s and the State Control Centre and MFB Command Centres in Melbourne.

It is crewed by a minimum of two specially trained operators and will be called in by an on-scene Incident Controller if an emergency situation is deemed to have reached a critical level. Only available for service since 6 November, the unit saw action on first day at a major incident at a recycled paper warehouse blaze in Coolaroo.

“If you take an incident like Coolaroo last Friday (5 Nov) for instance, the unit was in place to provide a nerve centre coordinating 26 trucks and 80 firefighters including CFA units, as they successfully attended that blaze and restricted damage” said MFB Chief Executive Officer and Chief Officer Graham Fountain.

“During such high intensity incidents it’s imperative to have a secure command centre and the new control unit is state of the art. We have spent a long time in the development of this unit and have only now commissioned it following extensive trialling. MFB is committed to a process of continual improvement in its capacity to service the fire and emergency service needs of the Melbourne and Victorian community and this is another example of that commitment.”

The new vehicle replaces the old Control Unit which has seen over 20 years service and attended major incidents such as Coode Island, Silvertop taxi blaze and more recently the petrol spill at Exxon Mobil in Altona.

To view the video click here or see below.

For the full Control Unit fact file, click on the PDF below.

For further information please contact:

MFB Media and Communications 03 9665 4699

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