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Large scrap metal fire in Laverton North.

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09 Sep 2013
Firefighting crews attended a large scrap metal fire at Norstar Recyclers which was threatening a two storey building and a 1,000 litre fuel tank.

Employees evacuated safely and three nearby premises were also evacuated.

Black smoke with a pungent smelling odour was present and strong winds were blowing it across Melbourne towards the Southern suburbs.   000 calls were being received around Elwood, Caulfield and as far as Wheelers Hill. A Community Warning was issued.

MFB firefighters utilised large monitors to disperse water on the fire whilst heavy machinery was used to assist in the process.  The availability of water in the area also created initial problems.

The fire took 3 hours to bring under control and successful firefighting tactics stopped the fire spreading into the concerning exposures.  Due to the intensely packed pile of metal, oils and similar products it is expected that firefighters willbe continuing to extinguish the fire for a protracted time.

Approximately 60 firefighters attended.

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