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Independent investigation commissioned to check accusations

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30 Jun 2010
The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board has appointed KPMG to investigate recent accusations made against the MFB.

KPMG will conduct the initial phase of the investigation to establish whether there is any substance to a range of accusations made against the organisation.

If the accusations are able to be substantiated, MFB will pursue a more detailed investigation into the matters and recommend action.

The Chief Executive Officer/Chief Officer of the MFB, Mr Graham Fountain, said: “The accusations were very serious, but without any substantive detail or particulars. The first task of KPMG as an independent investigator will be to find out whether there is any evidence to substantiate the accusations.

“If, in the opinion of the investigator, any of the accusations can be substantiated, the MFB will move to a more thorough and formal investigation.”

Mr Fountain said the Board could not allow serious accusations to remain untested because they reflected on the entire organisation. “The accusations must be tested in order to clear the air. The independent investigator will provide a forum for the accuser to provide details,” Mr Fountain said.

Mr Fountain said the inquiries being made by KPMG were separate and unrelated to other internal investigations within MFB.

Media enquiries: John Rees, MFB Communications and Media 03 9665 4699

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