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Hotel guests evacuated after Southbank complex floods

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13 Feb 2015
A burst hot water pipe caused flooding on 16 floors and the evacuation of 300 guests from a hotel in Southbank this morning.

Crews were called to the Dorcas Street complex about 5am.

Hot water from the pipe, located in a cupboard on the 16th floor of the 20 storey building, damaged carpets and architraves on every level down to the ground floor.

Power to the building was shut off to prevent the possibility of electrocution as water seeped into power sockets and cable conduits.

Hotel guests were evacuated to a nearby location and provided with bottled water by the MFB. 

By 7.45am the hotel was declared safe enough for some guests to re-enter but the power will remain isolated for most of the day. 

Damage to hotel fittings and carpets has been estimated at $100,000.

Pumpers:  2
Rescue Units:  1


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