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Historic joint graduation day for Victorian recruit firefighters

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19 Dec 2017
A total of 121 MFB and CFA recruits have now completed the new Victorian Recruit Firefighter Course, with the course’s last 30 recruits for the year graduating today.

The 20 week course for both MFB and CFA firefighters commenced in July this year, bringing together recruits from the two fire services.

The new course will further enable the state’s fire services to work together more closely.

It ensures new firefighters across the state have the same skills and knowledge, and can respond to emergencies in both urban and rural contexts.

“The new course is a fantastic example of Victoria’s fire services working together to provide world-class fire and emergency services to the community,” said MFB Acting Chief Officer Greg Leach.

 “It will mean that recruits have the same capability across the state, which will help our fire services to work even more cohesively and consistently.”

 “The recruits have completed a rigorous program that gives them the ideal preparation to fulfil their critical duty of protecting lives and property,” said CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington.

 “They have been trained in traditional hose drills, hot fire training, responding to rescues and the management of hazardous materials. They have also completed the first half of their training in Emergency Medical Response.

“While highly trained for emergency response they are also well-prepared to engage and work with the communities they serve – an equally important skill.”

Today’s graduation will include the formal presentation of graduates as well as a fire display where the new firefighters showcase their skills.

The firefighters will commence working at fire stations across Victoria from next week and continue their training on-shift.

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