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Hazmat spill at the docks in West Melbourne

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03 Dec 2017
MFB crews were called to the docks just after 10pm last night for a leak of a 20,000 litre container of flammable liquid.

On arrival firefighters found that there had been a small leak but were concerned for the integrity of the container and consequently the potential of a larger spill. 

Firefighters in splash suits and breathing apparatus inspected the container once flammability levels were monitored and declared safe. 

It was determined that the leak was from a loose valve that could be tightened to control any further leak. 

Throughout the call atmospheric monitoring was performed by the Hazmat Unit and MFB's Scientific Officer was also on scene for technical advice. 

One worker was affected by the fumes and was transported to hospital for observation. 

It took approximately two hours for the situation to be declared under control. 

Pumpers: 6
Other units: 5



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